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Hi! - And welcome to my print store.

Lately northern lights, or Aurora borealis have caught my interest, and I now spend a lot of nights out trying to capture this awesome phenomenon in the sky. I live too far south here in Sweden to see it often, not many in my town actually know that you can see it, but I know, and I have captured it many times the last years. That's why I started Nordicprints.

In april 2013 I flew to the northern parts of Sweden and Norway to capture it, and what I saw, that was unreal. It's such a show for your eyes, you can't imagine before you see it yourself.

In march 2014 I flew to Iceland, and that trip was so unreal. That country, a must visit for everyone living human on earth. So crazy. 

Not everyone have the opportunity to see the northern light, that's one of the reasons why I show it to you, and I want to give you the opportunity to have a piece of my work in your home, hanging on your wall. In the years I've shot a lot of beautiful landscapes too, therefore I've also made it possible to buy other landscape prints. 

What you get.
I've made it simple for you. My pictures are best looking big, like the 50x70cm size, and that's what I sell trough this store. You can mail me if you need anything specific ( a special size, a special photo that you've seen on my website) that you can't find here. Email me if you want me to look for a price for you with frame, the picture on a 16mm/40mm canvas frame or anything else. You could even buy the digital file and make the picture in whatever medium you want. Just send me the email. 

There's a price for swedish customers, and international customers. If you're from outside Sweden, please send me an email before your order and I will give you the exact price for the shipping to your certain country.

Any questions? Send me an email. Otherwise;

Welcome to my print store.

/AndrĂ© Nordblom, photographer behind Nordicprints.